Rota of Eucharistic Ministers, 7th October 2018 to 6th January 2019





7 October 2018 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time J Potter A Devine G Eagle
K Power P Francis M Gajewski

14 October 2018 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time M Shields J Grice B Grunnill
S Thompson D Jinoy G Lloyd

21 October 2018 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time D Adams H Lloyd C Raraty
M Bates C Raraty I Raraty

28 October 2018 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time U Duffy D Reji C Wise
M Evans M Ainslie P Ainslie

4 November 2018 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time M Isaac R Ainslie P Burton
Y Maddocks C Callaghan T Callaghan



11 November 2018 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time F Murphy C Calvert A Devine
T Noblet G Eagle P Francis

18 November 2018 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time P O'Brien M Gajewski J Grice
M Parkinson B Grunnill D Jinoy

25 November 2018 Christ the King J Potter G Lloyd H Lloyd
K Power C Raraty C Raraty

2 December 2018 1st Sunday of Advent M Shields I Raraty D Reji
S Thompson C Wise M Ainslie

9 December 2018 2nd Sunday of Advent D Adams P Ainslie R Ainslie
M Bates P Burton C Callaghan

16 December 2018 3rd Sunday of Advent U Duffy T Callaghan C Calvert
M Evans A Devine G Eagle

23 December 2018 4th Sunday of Advent M Isaac P Francis M Gajewski
Y Maddocks J Grice B Grunnill

24 December 2018 Children's Mass 6.00pm S Thompson B Grunnill
C Wise R Ainslie
  Vigil Mass 9.00pm P Francis D Adams
J Grice Y Maddocks

25 December 2018 Christmas Day 10.00am C Wise F Murphy

30 December 2018 The Holy Family F Murphy D Jinoy G Lloyd
T Noblet H Lloyd C Raraty

6 January 2019 The Epiphany P O'Brien C Raraty I Raraty
M Parkinson D Reji C Wise